Thoroughly analyze your website with FAST SEO tools and get detailed reports

The framework has been made with care so that it can identify and address the most crucial technical search engine optimization problems that your site is having and in return, improve its overall efficiency significantly.

Boost Your Website's Search Engine Ranking with SEO FAST
Reports. include SEO, performance, and security tests.
Projects. Automated report management.
Tools. for research and development and content creation.

Ranking improvement

Ensure that your website (subdomain or domain) is optimally optimized to rank in the top search engines.

βœ”Complete solution

SEO FAST provides you with all the features and utilities required to manage SEO projects, analytics, and tasks within a web application that offers comprehensive answers.

Get the complete SEO report for your website or pages, plus help in resolving difficult technical SEO issues.
You can easily start projects from your SEO reports which will show you how well you’re doing and where needs improvement.
Over 30 web tools as well as SEO utilities to assist in search engine optimization tasks.
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SEO Packages / SEO Services

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Secure the top position in Google search results or any other search engine with our leading SEO services and meticulously designed packages, which include high authority backlinks and fast SEO service

Adding a bunch of premium and prominent backlinks not only elevates your website but also propels it to the next level of search engine fame.

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πŸ“ˆ Advanced reports

Accurate data is essential to taking actionable steps and resolving the most critical issues affecting your website.

Deeply examine pivot tags and content on your website via SEO reports, identify optimization opportunities, and improve your website or any web page for search engine exposure.
Statistics and Suggestions to Turbocharge Your Website Power - include pivotal metrics and suggestions to enhance your website\s performance, user friendliness, and security.
Access security reports that offer valuable information on privacy and security, securing your website\s well-being by identifying and minimizing potential hazards.
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Over 30+ web tools and utilities included.

Base64 converter
Binary converter
Case converter
Color converter
CSS minifier
DNS lookup
Domain IP lookup
HTML minifier
HTTP headers checker
IDN converter
Indexed pages checker
IP lookup
JS minifier
JSON validator
Keyword research
Lorem ipsum generator


Afrodable SEO Packages for everyone and every budget.

3 reports / month
Branded reports
White-label reports
Data export
7.99 USD
75.99 USD
Year 21% off
60 reports / month
Branded reports
White-label reports
Data export